Creative Scientist

  • The Pragmatic Programmer

    Book by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas about programming written in 1999 and part of the classics of CS. It contains some good ideas, some obvious and some outdated. Overall very good, no ground-breaking but good reminder to focus on value and quality.


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  • The Three-Body Problem

    Amazing Hard Sci-fi trilogy by Liu Cixin with many original and though-provoking concepts. Book one focus on a detail of the universe where book two then three open up a lot the field of view while the whole stay nicely connected. Inspiring possible future, based on plausible advances in Technology and Science. Bleak at times as a nice reflection that the universe can be rough.


    SPOILER ALERT: what follows reveal the main secrets and ideas of the saga

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  • Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Book by Robert Pirsig, written in 1968. It became a best-seller very quickly and seen as a book that carries culture of his time.

    It contains three intertwined plots narrated by the first person. It is about a motorcycle ride of father and son through America, Mental health of the narrator and An essay on values and quality.

    I really got hooked by the start of the book, his unique style and questioning of fundamental values. The presentation of the Quality thesis is the pinnacle of the piece. The last third of the book is more obscure and go on about Greek philosophy where it feels like the whole debate is made on play on words and definition rather than actual advancement of the mind.


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  • How to create a mind

    Book written in 2012 by Ray Kurzweil famous futurist but also CS engineer. Its main subject is how we could create a machine that replicate our brain, and then make it better. By touching such an important topic - the final frontier - he also reflect on philosophy and ethics in a simple and direct way. The information is very accessible and also quite general but nice example from his career are mentioned. Overall, I found the book very inspiring and a must read.


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  • Willpower

    Book by R. Baumeister and J. Tirerney about their research on willpower. Explore what is willpower and how to best use it. Gives good advice on the counterintuitive nature of it. Very easy and enjoyable to read. Feels a bit like light science at times i.e. easy conclusions from small papers.


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  • The Golden Age

    Science fiction book by John C Wright. The universe and postulate are very interesting the storyline a bit less so. Good but not great.


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  • Weapons of Maths Destruction

    Very good read about the application of Data Science and the potential huge impact it has on our societies. Examples are easy to understand and the stories told interesting. A bit of repetition on the concepts and many different examples are also good to understand that the systems are present everywhere. The tone is kept light and it give motivation to study the field.


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