Creative Scientist

The Three-Body Problem

Amazing Hard Sci-fi trilogy by Liu Cixin with many original and though-provoking concepts. Book one focus on a detail of the universe where book two then three open up a lot the field of view while the whole stay nicely connected. Inspiring possible future, based on plausible advances in Technology and Science. Bleak at times as a nice reflection that the universe can be rough.


SPOILER ALERT: what follows reveal the main secrets and ideas of the saga


  • Science

    • Slowing down the speed of light, with trails of ships
    • Dark forest nature of the universe, humans as loud children
    • Strong interaction material goes through anything easily
    • Using sun as an RF antenna
    • Best communication done via neutrinos and gravitational waves
    • Unfolding multi-dimension object in lower dimension takes space
    • Universe used ot have more dimensions possibly ten, but attacks reduce it until potentially zero
    • If right amount of matter universe is yoyo-ing from single point to big and back again
    • Dark matter is in fact hidden from view as in other dimensions
    • Light speed achieve by curvature engines, like soap on boat in water
  • Great writing techniques and ideas

    • Suspense via announce effect
    • Tales hiding technological secrets
    • Aliens unable to use cunning and to hide truth in their communications
    • Multiplayer VR games well exploited
    • Wallfacer concept that all but what is in the mind can be read
  • Doubtful

    • Ending with too many news ideas stacked together
    • Super hero characters that solve everything a bit too easy: Da Shi, AA, Yifan