Creative Scientist


As an meditation enthusiast, I thought since a long time that sensory deprivation was something to try, and recently had an opportunity to give it a go.

Holding on the metal to the side, my body is still and feels like nothing, just hanging in there. Like the astronaut maybe, attached to the known, the safe, the spaceship.

And then, letting go. The body goes further in the darkness and the small space around my body becomes infinite. Some force is pulling me up faster and faster, I am travelling further.

My breath slows down, I am in my bed. I feel the hard mat and see the brown sheets. I turn my head on the pillow - it is liquid. I open my eyes and awake in space. There it is. The universe surrounds me, vast, dark and beautiful; a calm ocean gently undulating.

There is something out there and it is calling me, or is it something inside me telling me to go there?